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The Wishing Table

“Follow the clues to solve the puzzle and save the town!”


The Wishing Table

Live Action Film
In German with English subtitles
Age: 6+
Duration: 58 mins.
Directed by Ulrich König

What it is about…

Max is the youngest of three brothers and so incapable that his father sends him off to herd some goats. But Max wants to go out into the world and learn a manual craft like his brothers. After their apprenticeships, all three of them return home with gifts given to them by the master craftsmen. As tokens of thanks for their work, they have received a magic table, a gold making donkey, and a magic wooden club in a sack.

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Date Time Event Title Type of Event Country Venue Age Reservation
11/0310:00 AM The Wishing TableFilm Germany Goethe-InstitutSchool Groups Only Sold Out


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