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The Golden Horse

“A classic tale of good versus evil”


The Golden Horse

Animated Feature Film
In English
Age: 6-12
Duration: 75 mins.
Directed by Reinis Kalnaellis

What it is about…

In this coproduction between Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark an ancient Latvian folk tale is the basis for this colourful animated feature in the tradition of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Antis is a 16 years old boy considered by his elder brother to be soft in his heart and slow in his mind. Despite the ridicule, Antis is deeply committed to bringing the beautiful Princess down from the Glass Mountain where she is kept in a glass coffin by a vengeful sorceress. Director Kalnaellis brings a playful sense of humour to the characterizations and adds zippy contemporary elements including a chorus of wisecracking crows.

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Date Time Event Title Type of Event Country Venue Audience Reservation
11/0511:15 AMThe Golden HorseFilm Luxembourg AFIGeneral Public Reserve now!
11/063:00 PMThe Golden Horse FilmLuxembourgEmbassy of LuxembourgGeneral Public - limited




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