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Story Telling, Irish Style!


“Listen to some great Irish stories”


Story Telling, Irish Style!

Age: 7-9
Duration: 30-45 mins.
Gráinne Clear

What it is about…

Listen to some great Irish stories as Irish storyteller Gráinne Clear takes you deep into Irish folklore and a wonderful trip into the imagination in the traditional Irish way!

*Please reserve tickets for children ONLY. Parents/guardians are welcome to attend providing there is additional space or wait in the common area of the Embassy during the performance*

catch a show…

Date Time Event Title Type of Event Country Venue Age Reservation
11/05 10:00 AMStory Telling, Irish Style!Storytelling Ireland Embassy of IrelandGeneral Public Reserve now!
11/05 12:00 PMStory Telling, Irish StyleStorytelling Ireland Embassy of Ireland General Public Reserve now!


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