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Short and Sweet

“A fun filled afternoon at the Latvian Embassy!”


Short and Sweet

Animated Short Films
In English
Age: 5-12
Duration: 49 mins.
Directed by Nils Skapāns, Dace Rīdūze, and Māris Brinkmanis

What it is about…

Come enjoy a series of four short animated films from Latvia!

Wonderful Day (Burvīga diena) (15 mins)
A frivolous witch lives with her grey tomcat, listens to tango music and is enjoying life but everything changes when the normal routine turns into an unexpected adventure…

I want to see the Dwarfs! (Es gribu redzēt rūķīšus) (13 mins)
A blind girl searches for dwarfs…

Guards of the Forest (Meža sargi (12 mins)
In making his rounds, the forest ranger finds a pile of trash in the woods. It turns out a city dweller is regularly dumping garbage there. The animals join together to clean up…

The Gingerbread Cookie (Kraukšķītis) (9 mins)
An elf is baking gingerbread cookies when one of them comes to life and is very curious about the outside world…

After the films, kids will have the change to make a postcard to send to friends and family, and taste the sweetest part of Latvia.

catch a show…

Date Time Event Title Type of Event Country Venue Audience Reservation
11/033:00 PMShort and SweetFilmLatviaEmbassy of LatviaGeneral


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