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Secret Society of Souptown (Supilinna salaselts)

“Follow the clues to solve the puzzle and save the town!”


Secret Society of Souptown (Supilinna salaselts)

Live Action Film (2015)
In Estonian with English subtitles
Age: 8-15
Duration: 95 mins.

Directed by Margus Paju

What it is about…

Smart, brave 10-year-old Mari lives in Tartu, in an area called Souptown. Her parents are always at work so she spends most of her time with her grandfather Peeter, a professor at the local university. Mari and her three best friends form a secret society to play scavenger hunt games invented by her grandfather.

One day their city is attacked by a mysterious poison which turns adults into children. Our group embarks on an adventure you cannot even imagine to discover the antidote! Their path is paved with challenges – they have to run from bullies and hide from the menacing evildoer…

Can our children find the antidote and get it to the local hospital within 48 hours to save everyone?

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DateTimeEvent TitleType of EventCountryVenueAudienceReservation
10/292:00 PM Secret Society of Souptown (Supilinna salaselts)Film EstoniaSitar CenterGeneral PublicReserve now!
11/0210:00 AMSecret Society of Souptown (Supilinna salaselts)Film EstoniaDC SchoolsSchool groups onlyClosed to the general public
11/0611:00 AMSecret Society of Souptown (Supilinna Film EstoniaAmerican Film InstituteGeneral PublicReserve now!

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