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An Old Clown and the Sea

Catch Some Fun!

Age: All
Duration: 55 mins.

Przemysław Grządziela, Iwona Cichosz

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An old clown decides to go fishing — but he didn’t count on a big storm and a hungry shark! His luck doesn’t improve when, instead of catching delicious fish, he only catches trash!  But things just might start to look up when the old clown suddenly reels in a mysterious golden fish…

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DateTimeEvent TitleType of EventCountryVenueAgeReservation
Nov. 16:00 PMAn Old Clown and the SeaTheater/Mime/Dance/Circus/PuppetryPolandKennedy Center Millennium StageAll agesNO
Nov. 21:00 PMAn Old Clown and the SeaTheater/Mime/Dance/Circus/PuppetryPolandLa Maison FrançaiseAll ages reserve here
Nov. 32:00 PMAn Old Clown and the SeaTheater/Mime/Dance/Circus/PuppetryPolandMartin Luther King Jr. Memorial LibraryAll agesNO


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