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Mother Hulda

“A German fairy tale brought to life”


Mother Hulda 

Live Action Film
In German with English subtitles
Age: 6+
Duration: 58 mins.
Directed by Bodo Fürneisen

What it is about…

In the film adaptation of the fairy tale “Mother Hulda”, two sisters, Marie and Luise, must help their mother, a widow, in her chores. One is friendly and hard-working; the other is lazy, vain and egocentric. Only one of the sisters manages to prove herself to the kind-hearted Mother Hulda, who makes snow fall from the heavens.

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Date Time Event Title Type of Event Country Venue Age Reservation
11/0110:00 AMMother HuldaFilm Germany Goethe-InstitutSchool Groups Only Closed to the general public


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