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Colourful Games

“A beautifully crafted immersive experience for little ones”


Colourful Games

Age: 0-3
Duration: 40 mins.
Gintare Masteikaite, Giedre Subotinaite
Dansema Dance Theatre

What it is about…

Games are more than just fun for babies and small children, taking up most of their time in the first years of their life. By playing, they explore and learn about themselves and the surrounding world: to sit and crawl, climb and jump, grasp and drop, catch and kick, smile and frown, share and make friends, think and enjoy. Bursting with vibrant colour and delightful surprises, this interactive performance invites young audience to explore the world around them with a dancer as their guide. Self-discovery and wonder await.

The Kids Euro Festival mascots, Bruno and Sofia, will be present at this event. Don’t forget to pick up your own Bruno or Sofia!
First come, first serve – limited supplies.

catch a show…

Date Time Event Title Type of Event Country Venue Audience Reservation
11/0410:30 AMColourful GamesDance/CircusLithuaniaHill Center at the Old Naval HospitalGeneral PublicReserve now!
11/042:15 PMColourful GamesDance/CircusLithuaniaSitar CenterGeneral PublicReserve now!
11/0511:00 AMColourful GamesDance/CircusLithuaniaMontgomery College Cultural Arts CenterGeneral PublicReserve now!
11/0611:00 AMColourful GamesDance/CircusLithuaniaHillwood EstateGeneral PublicReserve now!
11/061:00 PMColourful GamesDance/CircusLithuaniaHillwood EstateGeneral PublicReserve now!
11/063:00 PMColourful GamesDance/CircusLithuaniaHillwood EstateGeneral PublicReserve now!


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