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Greenhouse Stories

The Secret Life of Plants!

Age: 5+
Duration: 30 mins.

Aukse Petruliene, Darius Petrulis

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Can Flower Girl discover the hidden greenhouse secret? On a journey around creation, she meets well known and rare plants — but each one has a problem, and needs her help! In return for her assistance, the plants reward Flower Girl with special powers that help her to avoid all sorts of dangers — greedy mice growing genetically modified cereal, getting lost in the desert, and a ravenous lion!

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DateTimeEvent TitleType of EventCountryVenueAgeReservation
Nov. 23:00 PMGreenhouse StoriesPuppetry/VideoLithuaniaPalisades Library5+NO
Nov. 46:00 PMGreenhouse StoriesPuppetry/VideoLithuaniaKennedy Center Theater Lab5+NO

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