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Kids Euro Festival Short Film Series

“Animation from six countries, sure to please the whole family!”

Kids Euro Festival Short Film Series

In English
Age: 3+
Duration: 43 mins. (Hillwood Estate), 47 mins. (Sitar Center), 16 min. (KID Museum)
What it is about…


Grumpy Does Repairs – BULGARIA
Animated Short Film
In English
Duration: 8 mins.
Directed by Radostina Neykova and Sofiya Ilieva

Innovation sewn cut-out animated character Grumpy hates light. An annoying sunbeam keeps disturbing his sleep, so he decides to do some house work to get rid of all the light. However, his efforts have some unexpected results…



Pat and Mat: A Picture – CZECH REPUBLIC

Animated Short Film
Silent film
Duration: 8 mins.
Directed by Lubomír Beneš

Two friends Pat and Mat, known as do-it-yourselves experts, decided to hang a picture in the living room. It turns out to be harder work than expected. Please don’t try this at home. This is a legendary Czech animation for all ages!



ors-barczy-11HEY DEER! – HUNGARY

Animated Short Film
In English
Duration: 6 mins.
Directed by Örs Bárczy

An adorable, cocoa-drinking deer is eager to tidy his home in the woods. He shovels in front of his house every day. However, each night there is a suspicious earthquake which causes him to tidy all over again. This film was the “Cinekid for Professionals” selection for Best European Short Animation Competition.




Live Action Short Film
In English
Duration: 3 mins.
Directed by Adrienne Michel-Long

Luka is a nine-year-old boy fascinated by anything that flies. On his way to do an errand he steps into a timeless world of misadventure in a moment of distraction.




Qrempucu – MALTA

Animated Short Film
Silent film
Duration: 8 mins.
Directed by Nicholas Caruana and Mark Caruana

He’s cheeky, he’s cute, and he adores cheese! Based on a traditional Maltese children’s tale by Trevor Żahra, this mischievous country mouse is determined to eat the moon (made of cheese) only to realize that it was a big mistake…



canto_dos_4_caminhos_1Birdwatching (O Canto Dos 4 Caminhos) – PORTUGAL

Short Animated Film
Silent film
Duration: 12 mins.
Directed by Nuno Amorim

A long time ago, Tião, the corn field keeper, lost by his fault, the company of an azure-winged magpie to whom, unwillingly, he had become attached. Since that day when silence filled the fields, Tião searches for that bird’s lost song.



Little Pig is Flying – SWEDEN

Short Animation Film
In English
Duration: 10 mins.
Directed by Alicja Jaworski

A little pig dreams of being able to fly. Her friends laugh at her and tell her that pigs can’t fly, so she sets of on a journey, in search of someone to teach her to fly.


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DateTimeEvent TitleType of EventCountryVenue AudienceReservation
10/3011:00 AMKEF Short Film SeriesFilmBulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, SwedenHillwood EstateGeneral PublicReserve now!
11/0612:00 PMKEF Short Film SeriesFilmBulgaria, Czech RepublicKID MuseumGeneral PublicNo reservation necessary
11/061:00 PMKEF Short Film SeriesFilmBulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, SwedenSitar CenterGeneral PublicReserve now!

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