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Going Our Way / Gremo mi po svoje

“A summer camp comedy in the Slovene alps”


Going Our Way / Gremo mi po svoje

Live Action Feature Film
In Slovenian with English subtitles
Age: 9-13
Duration: 97 mins.
Directed by Miha Hocevar


What it is about…

Alex and his teen friends are at summer camp by the river. The camp leader is quite annoying – he takes scouting much too seriously, while the boys would rather have fun, try their luck with the girls and swim rather than learn scouting skills and take part in competitions. The situation in the camp keeps disintegrating, but parents visiting day is drawing near. The camp leader makes a cunning move, organizing a camping competition, where small groups of scouts spend a night on their own in the wilderness in improvised shelters. Naturally, to escape the monotony, Alex volunteers. Jake, the camp leader’s hypochondriac son, and Sleepyhead, a philosopher type, join him…

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