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DOT: Dance with Shapes

“Contemporary dance workshop with the cast”


DOT: Dance with Shapes

Dance workshop

In Spanish

Age: 4-8

Duration: 50 mins.

Ezequiel Gil, Laia Sorribes

Maduixa Teatre



What it is about…

Children will explore their own movements with games to stimulate their minds, playing with dance techniques and new technologies. Introducing the little ones to the imaginary world of Sol Lewitt through the use of lines, squares, circles, colors and music, kids learn through communication, expression and simple fun.

Formed in 2004, Spanish theater company Maduixa Teatre has brought to life numerous award-winning productions through its unique blend of theater, dance, plastic arts and audiovisual technologies. Winner of the 2015 Premio MAX for Best Children’s Show, DOT is a multidisciplinary spectacle taking as a starting point the work of American artist Sol Lewitt.


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DateTimeEvent TitleType of EventCountryVenueAudienceReservation
10/3110:30 AMDOTWorkshopSpainLibrary of Congress School groups onlyClosed to the public
11/0210:30 AM DOTWorkshopSpainKennedy CenterSchool groups onlyClosed to the public

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